Los Fastidios | Komatix

Street Punk
ILM + Revoprod

The Los Fastidios sound is a powerful melodic streetpunk which mixes classical 80’s British Punk-OI ! sounds with a lot of skanking moments, and more rock'n'roll and hardcore rythms, sung in Italian with some touches of english, french, spanish and german languages. The lyrics come from the most cheerful street situations to more serious and involved matters which deal with social problems, such as battles against racism-fascism and any form of discrimination, for the animal rights, for freedom and against the capitalistic system...

These last years, Los Fastidios have archieved great number of anti-racist intiatives and social causes,by taking part in various support gigs with collections in favour of Chiapas, for the workers, against racism, for the animal rights, against war, against capitalism and neoliberism, etc...

Over the last years, Los Fastidios have made a lot of tours, thanks to which they travelled all over Italy, but also in Germany, France, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Slovakia, England, Belgium, Spain, Hungary, Denmark, Slovenia, Serbia, Euskadi, Sweden, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Eire, Ulster, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, Greece and Canada.Thanks to these gigs the band received very good reviews.
The band shared the bill with great bands such as Angelic Upstarts, The Oppressed, Rancid, Lagwagon, Cock Sparrer, Sham 69, Red London, Business, Slackers, 999, Undertones, UK Subs, Vibrators, Subhumans, Dr Ring Ding, Zona A, Harries, Bouncing Souls, Movement, Sham 69, The Boys, Mad Sin, Real Mc Kenzies, Klasse Kriminale, Mr Review, Stage Bottles, 8°6 Crew, Goldblade, Oi! Polloi, Loikamie, Brigada Flores Magon, Gbh, Oxymoron, Antinowhere League, Cramps, Stranglers, Argies, Lurkers, Splodgenessabounds, Buzzcocks, Ska-P, ecc. and many many more... .. ..

From the 31st of may 2019 the band started the JOY JOY JOY Tour for promoting the ninth album, that is highly appreciated and well reviewed by the world trade press. The Joy Joy Joy Tour will bring the band one time again on all the roads of the world.

The last album Joy Joy Joy is produced, like all the previous works of the band, by the independent Kob Records, this time with the collaboration of Potencial Hardcore (Madrid) and supported by Fire and Flames Music (Kiel), Coretex (Berlin), True Rebel Store (Hamburg), Lonsdale in Deutschland (Neuss) and Ufip Cymbals (Pistoia).

In the last album there are a lot of good friends/guests of the band: Dirk & Elf (Slime) in the song "Shoenen Café", the "legendary" Paul Heaton (The Housemartins / The Beautiful South) in the song "I have a dream", Elisa Dixan (Kob Records and Los Fastidios tour manager) in the song "A message pour toi", Dj Koma Aka Mauràs in the song "Il suono della strada", De Veggent (Redska) with his keyboards in the songs "I have a dream", "Rude Firm" and "You", Giotanni (Ashpipe) with his violin in the song "Marichiweu" and Fulvio & Lorenzo (Skassapunka) backing vocals in all the songs !!!!

Since the beginning of 2019 ELISA DIXAN is regular guest on stage with the band for singing some songs.

Das im Schweizer Punkrock geborene Quartett zog 2018 nach Biel. Multikulturell und zweisprachig verbindet Komatix die Sprache Goethes mit der von Molière. Gesellschaftskritik, Weltbeobachtung, aber auch Hoffnung und Freundschaft stehen im Mittelpunkt ihrer Worte.


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