Guerilla Toss

ILM + Revoprod

Equal parts ecstatic and hallucinogenic, the genre-unrestricted group Guerilla Toss draw from no wave and noise as well as funk, punk, psychedelia, and pop. Through endless touring and numerous releases on well-respected indie labels, the band became one of the most celebrated acts of the Northeastern American underground music scene throughout the 2010s. Originally from Boston, the group initially played harsh, discordant avant-rock drawing from hardcore and free jazz, heavy on abrasive shrieking and complicated time signatures, as displayed on early releases like 2012's Jeffrey Johnson. By the time Guerilla Toss released Gay Disco in 2013, their sound had become much funkier, with mutant basslines enhancing the erratic rhythms. As their popularity grew, they moved to Brooklyn and signed to iconic dance-punk label DFA, and their sound became tighter, shinier, and more danceable on releases such as 2016's Eraser Stargazer and 2018's Twisted Crystal. 2022's Famously Alive, their first album on Sub Pop, was a playful embrace of radio-friendly pop.


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